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New Salem Museum

Learn more about the opening of the New Salem Museum and Academy of Fine Art HERE

The vision of the NSMA is to create a stronghold for contemporary realist art with uncompromising levels of quality, the New Salem Museum and Academy of Fine Art:

  • Fosters a community of professional artists, patrons, dealers, and collectors, encouraging them to learn from one another;

  • Draws inspiration from old masterworks while paying close attention to what is happening with the art of our time;

  • Gives the general public the opportunity to view works of art that would otherwise remain in private hands;

  • Provides an environment where collectors and patrons can learn from professional artists in developing their expertise.

East Oaks Studio

To learn more about the community of professional artists at East Oaks Studio, click HERE

We are a collaborative of creatives who share the stories & techniques behind renowned artists and their artwork.

Video production is the heart of our company, bringing high-quality content into the comfort of your home and studio. East Oaks Studio collaborates with a gifted cinematographer to offer content that benefits both the collector + the artist.