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This print is for all the people who passionately support and stay up to date with the latest in Klein’s life. For only 9 hours (today from 12-9 EDT) you will be able to collect a print for only $90 + shipping. Don’t hesitate to purchase because once the clock runs out, that is it. This series will NOT be available to the public again.

The “Traditional” print is the EXACT same size as the original painting, this is for the artists who are wanting to study up close Michael’s brushwork and paint handling. The “Contemporary” print is twice as big, a horizontally cropped version to add stylistic differences not common to Michael’s work.

Both prints are amazing quality, we promise you will not be disappointed!

*please allow 4-5 weeks delivery. We are working with a third party on this project and in order to fulfill all the orders it requires signing the prints and shipping across the country.